Activating your kit is easy.

Just take a photo of the barcode on your kit and follow a few quick instructions in the app to activate it. Once it’s activated and your sample is mailed in, use the app to track your kit’s status.

Tap in to your results.

Access your DNA results with just a couple of clicks. It’s so easy to use, you can share your AncestryDNA story with family and friends even when you’re on the go.

Compare your origins with DNA Matches.

Discover distant (and perhaps, not-so-distant) living relatives that share your DNA and get side-by-side comparisons of your ethnicity.

Upgrade to AncestryDNA Traits.

Discover how your DNA has shaped the way you look, what you taste, and other amazing traits that make you uniquely you. Just look for the in-app upgrade for iOS or when you sign into your Ancestry account.

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